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September 30th, 2008

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11:52 am - The home improvements continue.
Well, just this last weekend I finished replacing the floor in our kitchen and dining room with vinyl tile. I'll post a pic if I get a chance. It wouldn't have been too difficult except that, as usual, the builders took the lazy way and put the old carpet and linoleum directly down on top of the concrete slab. Which was cracked. That meant I needed to lay down a plywood subfloor before I could put in the new flooring. Which basically added a week of work, measuring, cutting, and gluing down plywood. Once that was finally done, it only took a day to lay down the tile.

Actually, I sort of impressed myself- we bought the vinyl tiles on Saturday afternoon, and I immediately started ripping up the carpet that evening... and I've never done flooring, or anything like that before- yet I had enough confidence to get in there and do it. And my darling wife never had a word of objection to me doing it myself. Her faith in me helped me have faith in myself. :)

At any rate, it looks pretty good. Now I just need to replace the moulding and lay down a transition strip between the tile dining room and the carpet living room.

Then we need to paint the entryway, paint the fireplace mantel, and paint the closet door, and the downstairs will be done. My wife's already picking colors for our bedroom, though... and there's always a chance we might be adding another room to the place by putting a floor and wall over our high living room. And we've only got till March to finish it all- then things will be way too hectic (for obvious reasons.) Ah, the fun never ends!

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The home improvements continue. - EsnAkaiShatsu

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