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September 10th, 2008

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12:27 pm - Quick update...
Not much to say, but thought I'd post anyway. I'm one coat of paint away from finishing eight of the last nine cabinet doors in the kitchen; the only one left is the one on the outside of the cabinet facing the dining room. One door, one side of a cabinet left? That'll be done in one day of painting this weekend. I'm so sick of painting cabinets and cabinet doors.

Got my teeth deep cleaned on Monday. The toughest part is remembering to not chew with the right side of my mouth this entire week. Next Monday, I get the other side done.

And I donated $100 to the Obama Campaign this morning, because based on polling numbers and what I've heard about Sarah Palin, I need to do everything possible to prevent her from ever seeing the inside of the White House. Someone who believes in the Rapture and Armageddeon should never be in the position to bring it about.

If you want to keep America pro-choice, save wolves from aerial assault (what's Palin got against wolves, anyway?) and keep the whole planet from having a nuclear glow, follow the donate link here:

Every little bit- even $5- can help out!

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Quick update... - EsnAkaiShatsu

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