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July 16th, 2008

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12:54 pm - Pics! Yay! I (finally) posted pics!
Okay, as I promised, I've got some pics of my new headboard. I built it out of 1x6 red oak, with 1x3 glued to the side. The inset panels are on particle board, covered with 1" foam, then a soft vinyl. They're bolted to the frame with wingnuts, so we can switch them out when we feel like changing the look.

Here's how it looks when the bed's made:

Here's the covers pulled back so you can see how it looks:

And here's some detail, showing the grain of the red oak:

Total cost was around $200 for materials (not including the new belt sander I bought to make the finishing easier.) I showed the pictures to my co-workers, now they all want to start placing orders for me to make one for them...

The bed's an eastern king-sized Sleep Number, we bought it with the headboard mounting hardware just so I could eventually build the headboard. Comments and questions welcomed.

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Pics! Yay! I (finally) posted pics! - EsnAkaiShatsu

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